Whichever market, product or sector you look at - supply chains are steadily becoming more important as the nature of competition changes and the advance of information technology continues unabated.

This in turn influences the significance of quality and the role of quality management systems. If these systems are to tackle the new situation effectively, they need to enhance the close collaboration between different stages of production while being open to the integration of suppliers and customers.

With QMS Professional - a process-oriented, modular system, which can be fully integrated – Siemens PLM has designed a solution which enables customer-specific applications to provide quality assurance independent of vertical integration, production processes/models and stage in the supply chain:

  • Enterprise-wide quality management through integration of internet and workflow technologies
  • Mobile quality data acquisition via handheld devices and/or speech recognition
  • Deployable in any manufacturing sector
  • Optimal adaptation to customer needs
  • Easy integration in the existing IT structure
  • Acquisition, documentation and analysis of all quality information along the entire product lifecycle
  • Connection to ERP/PPS systems and integration in MES systems

Safe and transparent execution of your quality processes

IBS QMS Professional modules are designed to streamline processes in the areas of product development, manufacturing, test and acceptance – on the basis of innovative web technologies. Practical use by IBS customers unleashes enormous saving potentials. Practical experience has shown that, in the future, computer-aided QM systems will mainly be seen in the areas of product planning, product development and product construction.

Product Creation
Product Manufacturing

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New Version 10.04

QMS Professional v10.04 offers many new features for an even better usability to enable the closed-loop quality approach, including change management.

The BCT Inspector solution is now fully integrated.

Automatic transfer of requirements to IBS QMS

To carry out the inspection planning in IBS QMS, the characteristic data or "requirements" of the part must be known. Often, the characteristics are entered manually into the IBS QMS module for inspection planning. However, this means an additional time expenditure, which is also very error-prone.

BCT Inspector provides you with a solution that facilitates the extraction of valuable knowledge from virtual product development and directly integrate it into quality management processes. Using BCT Inspector, you can easily transfer the requirements to IBS QMS, where they can be used for effective quality management.

In the new version of QMS Professional, BCT Inspector is now fully integrated, which means that the transfer of characteristics data occurs completely in the background. The visualization of the characteristics data in 2D and 3D can also be done by the integrated BCT Inspector solution. BCT Inspector does not need to be opened separately for this process.

Graphical Inspection Planning

The drawing file can be opened directly out of QMS Professional. The drawing is then displayed in the BCT Inspector Viewer. The inspection steps are automatically created so that the inspection plan can be saved directly.

Extract of some further functions:

  • Create a graphical inspection plan directly from a project file
  • Display of the file name of the project file
  • Transfer of characteristic weightings in the graphical inspection plan from BCT Inspector
  • Changed procedure when replacing a file
  • Open the "Define Test Step" window directly from the Inspector View“
  • Overlay-free" balloon positioning at the  automatic stamping of 2D drawings (from DXF file)
  • Selection of the BCT Inspector file from the DMS
  • Balloon colors in the graphics

With the full integration of BCT Inspector into QMS Professional, you can now also quickly and easily export a graphical inspection plan, created with PLM Vis, to QMS Professional.



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