A good range of service offerings is becoming increasingly important.
However, in many companies it is still neglected, despite the fact that it helps to win new customers and also leads to increasing turnovers.

This was the conclusion of a german study presented by the auditing and consulting firm PwC. The company examined a total of 100 industrial service providers. The top 20 percent of the companies were able to achieve 56 percent of their total sales by providing spare parts and other services.

The provision of spare parts plays therefore an important role in offering a good level of service. But it also requires the simple provision of spare parts catalogues which enable customers and service technicians to order spare parts in a quick and easy way.

The service technicians of Bizerba GmbH & Co. KG support their customers nationwide with a solution portfolio of hardware and software based on the central value "weight". The portfolio includes products and solutions for slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labelling.

To provide its customers with spare parts in a quick and trouble-free way, the company has optimized its processes for creating spare parts catalogues with the support of BCT Technology AG.

Initial situation at Bizerba:

The creation of spare parts catalogues was a mostly manual and complex process. BOMs and product data were exported in different ways and supplemented with image information. The final spare parts catalogue (SPC) was then made available to the service technicians in PDF format.

So-called master parts catalogues, included all variants of a product range. In case of  repairs, the service technician had to look for the spare parts of the specific device in the master part catalogue.

The introduction of a new system was planned to provide the service technicians with an online spare parts catalogue that supplies the delivery state of every produced device.

Excerpt from the requirements to the spare parts catalogue (SPC) before project start

  • All SPC relevant data must be edited and stored in Teamcenter based on the BOM structure.
  • Process for image creation with basic data from I-DEAS and NX.
  • The item numbers in the drawings must be automatically generated and imported into the SPC.
  • By entering a serial number in the SPC, the associated image and BOM data must be displayed.
  • The new SPC must be connected to a WEB-Shop.
  • The spare parts catalogue can be exported to WEB, paper format and CD/DVD.

The solution:

The SPC relevant data is edited and saved in Teamcenter based on released design data.

In order to provide a consistent information flow from design to service, several Teamcenter functionalities are used:

  • Data model addition to support the SPC process
  • Organization and access management
  • Create and manage images
  • Add data to bill of materials
  • Change management and comparison of  bill of materials
  • Release processes configuration rules
  • Snapshots to “freeze” the status of bill of materials
  • Workflow to automate processes
  • Interface to SAP (T4S) to transfer released articles and bill of materials

BCT CheckIt
provides the completeness check and enables error-free test and approval workflows.

The spare parts catalogue data transfer from Teamcenter to Docware is done automatically with BCT TechDoc.

The online provision of the spare parts catalogue with webshop connection is implemented with Parts-Publisher from Docware.

Web Version of the Spare Parts Catalogue - BCT TechDoc in Use:


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