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Teamcenter 11.2 now offers new capabilities that help simplify definition and support for intelligent part numbers.

You can define your requirements for intelligent part numbering and specify valid values to automate and enforce intelligent part numbers.

When a new product or part is created, users are prompted with a pre-configured dialog window that enables them to choose from valid values. Once there selections have been made, the intelligent part number is automatically generated.

  • Provide preconfigured dialog windows with fields containing valid values to enable rapid selection and ensure compliance to standards
  • BMIDE-based
  • Only for Item-ID
  • Currently not integrated in CAD manager

You can understand intelligent part numbering in detail with the help of one small example:

There is a company that has 4 units across the globe – America, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific.
The company is mainly involved in assembling (Body Shop) and painting (Paint Shop) for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles.

A user would be prompted to choose the Product Line, Department, and Unit, then would automatically generate a part number in the appropriate range.

In this example, a new Body Shop part for an Asia-Pacific Passenger Vehicle generated the ID APPVBS2005.


  • Americas (AM)
  • Europe (EU)
  • China (CH)
  • Asia-Pacific (AP)

Product Lines

  • Commercial Vehicle (CV)
  • Private Vehicle (PV)


  • Body Shop (BS)
  • Paint Shop (PS)


  • Make
  • Buy

Create an ID generation rule that has a concatenation rule for units

  • AM – 8001 to 9999
  • EU – 4001 to 6000
  • CH – 6001 to 8000
  • AP – 2000 to 4000

One for the Buy value of the make/buy property

  • Buy – 90000 to 99999


1. Create an ID generator business object and add properties to it

2. Create a list of values (LOV) for each property

3. Create an ID generation rule

4. Add Properties to Concatenation Rule

5. Add a Counter

6. Add or Select a Condition

7. Attach the ID generation rule to the item_id property of an item business object just as you would attach a naming rule


You can notice that the new properties on Item creation dialog.

If you want to change the display of the properties in the dialog box, then modify the stylesheet of particular item.

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