teamcenter001.jpgThe Teamcenter® software product lifecycle management (PLM) solution suite from Siemens PLM Software simplifies PLM by taking the guesswork out of the deployment process. It delivers a flexible portfolio of focused applications organized to allow you to strategically grow your PLM maturity in alignment with your needs and vision.

Teamcenter 11.2 offers new tools and capabilities across the portfolio, which will be shown in this article series. The following article is about Library Management, a module based on TC Classification for building up different libraries for specific departments or projects.

Provide reusable data for specific projects or disciplines

Classification provides a flexible and structured way to organize your reusable data using classification hierarchy and specific attributes.

However, there is a problem if only subsets of data are required and approved for specific projects or tasks.

  • User still has access to data that is irrelevant to his specific task
  • Using access control provides a partial solution only

The Library Management capability provides a solution to address the problem above:

  • Project or task based organization of reusable data
  • Based on classification data with the aid of rules
  • Reuse existing data from classification


In addition to the already known advantages of classification, e.g. reduction of parts, Library Management offers the following advantages:

  • Capture the knowledge from experienced engineers and supply to new employees
  • Optimized and structured libraries to support the company's various fields and disciplines in the daily work
  • Reuse content from existing classification structures

Your Benefit

Shorter product development cycles due the usage of existing components, risk reduction, increase of
product quality through reuse of verified and proven components.

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