With Active Workspace, you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system via a new Teamcenter client. Active Workspace helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

In this article we will present the enhancements in Teamcenter Active Workspace 3.2.


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Core Productivity Improvements

  • Folder navigation via a breadcrumb and column configuration

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Continuous create of multiple objects
  • Command overflow handling
  • Share links to objects
  • Edit in Table with Summary display

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Release status indicator icon

Active Workspace 3.2

Document Management

  • Render with watermarks and print stamps in background
  • Allow attaching files during creation of a document under IRDC control

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Office client alignment to Siemens PL theme


  • Create visual issues using hosted Active Workspace in standalone Teamcenter Visualization

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Significantly faster MMV frame rates resulting in greater server scalability


  • Excel export of structure content and Live editing of occurrence properties when exported from Active Workspace

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Configure structures with Product Configurator based variability
  • Filter content in structure
  • Share and control edit access to saved working contexts
  • Remember selection and active tab in a working context
  • Hierarchical display in tables
  • Edit effectivity


  • Filter by categories of types of objects e.g. Parts, Documents, Files, and Changes

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Query builder searching to allow for more advanced searching such as for objects with related objects with a given property value

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Search referenced objects’ properties, alternate IDs, and working revision rules


  • Show classification properties while comparing objects

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Classification hierarchy based browse & search

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Support indexing and searching for objects with multiple classifications

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Assign project security at create to help prevent unintentional access
  • Assign authorized data access (ADA/ITAR) licenses to secure access to confidential or restricted data

Configure, Extend and Deploy

Install and Environments

  • Centrally managed deployments using Deployment Center to install or upgrade new applications remotely

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Upgrade from prior versions of Active Workspace to 3.2 without a platform upgrade

Global Reach

  • Support for global reach by optionally requiring users to enter their country of access and agree to terms of use to sign in

Search Indexing  

  • Improved monitoring of the heath of the indexing, fault tolerance, and recovery and improved structure indexing performance


  • Certification of next generation of NVidia M60 GRID graphics card and additional language support for PMI

Change Management

  • Consolidate change and revision history on a single page

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Open in edit mode after initial creation to allow entering more detail
  • Rollup/propagate related items between a change and associated schedule tasks


  • Choice of multiple workflows to display for a target object, not just the most recent

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Asynchronous workflow processing and status display
  • Localized task names

Schedule Management

  • Gantt display of the schedule for limited use cases

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Create and maintain schedules and their tasks – add users, remove users from all task assignments, and reassign tasks in a schedule from one user to another, edit tasks in the information panel, insert a sub-schedule, and create cross schedule task dependencies

Requirements Management

  • Support for Office 2016 for editing
  • Trace link creation enhancements - Ability to compare two HTML files and highlight differences with “redlining”

Active Workspace 3.2


  • Insert OLE objects - Improved embedded rich text editor to support OLE functions found in Microsoft Word
    → enables other users to open/download embedded files

Active Workspace 3.2



The PDM software tools from BCT support working with Teamcenter Active Workspace.
Further, the next patch 17.0.2 supports the latest version AWC 3.2.

More: PDM Add-Ons in Teamcenter Active Workspace

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