With Active Workspace, you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system via a new Teamcenter client.

Active Workspace helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

In this article, we will present the enhancements in Teamcenter Active Workspace 3.3.

Read the various new features by clicking on the various sections:


Universal Viewer

View the contents of various data types directly from the object's Overview location

  • View
    • PDF
    • JT
    • Text
    • HTML
    • Images (image files supported natively in browsers, e.g. PNG and JPG)
  • Markup PDF and Images
  • Configure what data types to view on a business object’s overview page using preferences

Tab Overflow for Direct Access

Provides a more efficient way to directly access tabs that do not fit across the top of a page

  • Eliminates multiple clicks to access some tabs compared with prior carousel interaction
  • Dropdown allows direct access to any of multiple tabs that not shown

Drag and Drop in Structured Content

Edit structures efficiently using drag and drop

  • Drag and drop between unstructured lists such as folders, search results, & favorites and structures
  • Drag within one window or across multiple windows

Full Text Search Enhancements

Full Text Search will now search for content in business objects that are attached to a dataset – when a match is found, search results will show the dataset as well as the business object.

For example, find all documents whose attachments contain the search term.

Rapid Start Preconfigured Searches

Run Rapid Start preconfigured searches from Active Workspace:

  • Find my items that are work in process
  • Find my items that are released
  • Find my documents that are work in process
  • Find all items that are released

User Management

Manage your organization including your users and personal information, groups, and roles from Active Workspace:

  • Easily navigate the organization to find and update users
  • Define and modify person, user, groups, and roles

Manage user passwords:

  • Set initial password for new users
  • As an administrator, set and reset passwords of other users on their behalf



The PDM software tools from BCT support working with Teamcenter Active Workspace.
More: PDM Add-Ons in Teamcenter Active Workspace

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