Active Workspace is an innovative interface for Teamcenter that provides you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) user experience. It literally puts PLM at your fingertips.

In the second part of our article, we will present further enhancements in Active Workspace 3.4.

Read the new features by clicking on the various sections:



What-if Analysis

  • Use "what if" analysis to determine how various schedule component changes may affect the outcome of the schedule, before actually committing the changes to the schedule
  • Work with schedule in a “sandbox” environment to perform changes to schedule tasks without committing them to the database
  • Choose to discard or promote the changes evaluated

Advances in schedule authoring

These provide coordinators greater ease and flexibility in schedule definition and maintenance.

  • Change the Gantt timescale using the zoom in/out feature
  • Add and remove a schedule deliverable
  • Remove a schedule task deliverable
  • Assign multiple schedule tasks to one team member using multi-select mode
  • Add multiple tasks quickly and easily by pinning the add schedule task panel
  • Manually launch workflow on a task

Full page Classification Authoring in Active Workspace

  • View and classify an object in a separate classification tab
  • Search and browse or use Visual Navigation during browsing classification hierarchy during classify operation
  • Edit, update, delete existing classification or reclassify the object
  • Display multiple classifications

Quickly access your favorite and recently accessed objects

  • Navigate to objects using "open"
  • Drag and drop from the panel to any drop target such as your home folder or a structure
  • Select one or multiple objects

Improved folder navigation

  • Show folder summary view when nothing is selected
  • Drag and drop into a folder

Miscellaneous user efficiency improvements

  • Home help tile for Doc Center updates to locally installed html on-line Help
  • Visual indicators in the object header, e.g. check-out indicator
  • Adjust toast notification timeout by setting the preference “AWC_Notification_Timeout” to allow more time to read messages

Use a report to modify Teamcenter data in Microsoft Excel

  • Open report with Excel Live integration to modify the data and save back to Teamcenter
  • Uses preconfigured report templates which can be defined/edited using Excel
  • Requires the Teamcenter Extensions for Microsoft Office

Support of numerical range filters

  • For example find bolts with a length between 60 and 100 mm
  • Use open ended ranges by leaving the lower or upper range value blank
  • Supported for…
    • both classification & object properties
    • both global and in context search
    • both integers and real numbers

Search for Business Objects based on Form properties

Search and filter on properties of Master Forms and other Forms attached to any item revision without using compound properties.

Client Side Rendering

Uses WebGL in the browser to render graphics, limits the requirement for a server side GPU to view structures and larger models.

  • Available to view JT files in the universal viewer
  • No network traffic for view navigation, e.g. zoom, pan, rotate
  • More responsive and less latency sensitive

No server side graphics card required

  • Continues to require high end servers for JT loading
  • Customers are likely to be able to use standard application server hardware, e.g. what is used for TcServers

Coexists with server side rendering

Same server code supports both

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