Active Workspace is an innovative interface for Teamcenter that provides you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) user experience. It literally puts PLM at your fingertips.

In this article, we will present the enhancements in Teamcenter Active Workspace 3.4.

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Display and navigate structures in a familiar tree

  • Expand/collapse/scroll/edit using familiar trees
  • Retain expansion and scroll position when returning to same content
  • Efficient loading of any size structure
  • First column loaded quickly on navigation and scrolling
  • Other columns load as needed
  • Column configuration supports dynamic compound properties
  • Works with indexed and non-indexed structures

Here you can see the product structure tree view in Teamcenter. You can expand a single branch, or multiple branches at one time. You can efficiently view any size structure. The expansion state is restored when refreshing or navigating between other screens.

Active Workspace 3.4

Pack/unpack for assembly navigation efficiency

  • Toggle packed/unpacked view of multiple occurrences of the same element in a structure (e.g. turbine blades, resistors, fasteners)
  • Packed items appear once in the structure, with a quantity indicated for the number of packed occurrences
  • Defines additional packing criteria for lines to be packed, e.g.
    • same or distinct sequence number
    • same or distinct property name
Active Workspace 3.4

Search within structure without requiring a structure index

  • Quick find in structure with a single entry
  • Advanced capabilities using OOTB or customer configured saved queries
  • Find content in structures configured with any revision rule including “My Working” (e.g. Owning User/Group)
  • Context Management User license required for use

Teamcenter Office Online

  • Supporting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you can view and edit from Active Workspace
  • No client installation or file conversions
  • The “Open in Office Client’ feature provides complete access to Microsoft Office features.
  • Requires a server install of
    • Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS) and each user must be a licensed Office user to edit
    • Deployment Center to install Teamcenter Office Online
Active Workspace 3.4

Improved layout for documents gives faster access to attached files

  • Document-oriented overview including the universal viewer
  • Attachments listed on the “Overview tab”
  • Shows PDF or Office files on the same page when you select a document

Simplified document create and file upload

  • Drag and drop files into a folder to create a new document
  • Creates a single document type for all file types dropped

Adobe Create Cloud application integration with Active Workspace

  • Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop files managed in Teamcenter
  • Find, open, edit, and save Adobe files
  • Access to the full breadth of Active Workspace PLM capabilities from within the Adobe application
Active Workspace 3.4

Consolidated task overview with embedded actions and viewer improves

  • Easier to discover perform / signoff actions
  • Universal viewer displays targets
  • Auto-opens perform task panel for displays without a summary view (i.e. list and table)

Simplified workflow viewer display

  • Emphasis on interactive tasks versus non-interactive
  • Reduced size of non-interactive tasks
  • Select these tasks to view more information
  • Non-interactive tasks that require attention are shown full size with red border
  • Better use of space to show the overall process and status of tasks
  • Collapsed review, route, and acknowledge tasks by default
  • Expand to view task details
Active Workspace 3.4

Signoff history ordered to show latest tasks first

In the Workflow and Reviewers table, the pending and latest tasks now show at the top so users don’t need to scroll to view comments and decisions by other reviewers.

Active Workspace 3.4

Simplified view of change with relevant information on the overview tab

  • Consolidated change overview includes; change description, details, participants, and originating changes
  • Progress chart based on the maturity of the change object 
  • Understand the full impact of the change through easy to interpret change details

Display of change objects in the relations browser

  • Displays PRs, ECRs, and ECNs and respective relations
  • See all associated change objects and their relationships in the interactive relations browser

In Active Workspace it is now possible to generate hyperlinks of any Teamcenter objects. These "links" or URLs can then be inserted in Office documents, text files, e-mails, etc., so that they can refer directly to the corresponding Teamcenter objects.

Typical applications could be references to drawings, models or any technical documents, stored in Teamcenter.

Multiple selection of different objects is also possible, so that multiple links, e.g. can be generated on different project / product documents.

Active Workspace 3.4



The PDM software tools from BCT support working with Teamcenter Active Workspace.
More: PDM Add-Ons in Teamcenter Active Workspace

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