Active Workspace is an innovative interface for Teamcenter that provides you with a streamlined and intuitive product lifecycle management (PLM) user experience. It literally puts PLM at your fingertips.

In this article, we will present the enhancements in Teamcenter Active Workspace 4.0.

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Edit arrays in tables

  • Enable arrays to be edited directly from a table as well to view and interact with them within a table
  • Select the appropriate values from a list using a checkbox option directly in the table

Context menu in lists & rows

  • Optional context menu support is available for all tables and lists in the primary work area, enabling users to select some commands with reduced mouse travel

Freeze and 3-stage sort in table columns

  • Freeze columns from scrolling out of view, while allowing the rest of the table content to continue scrolling
  • Additional controls to sort ascending, descending, and to remove sort

Updated home page with more responsive tile grouping

  • Tile organization is improved through more predictable drag and drop grouping behavior and better performance
  • The home page is configurable for easier extensibility

Toggle control to change layout data density

  • User may select the “compact” view to increase the data density
  • User may select the “comfortable” view to improve page readability and touch interface access

Subscription notifications sent as digest

  • Provide the option to receive subscription notifications as a digest to avoid many individual notices
  • Applies to both email and Active Workspace client notifications

Submit newly created objects to a workflow

  • Can be enabled for any workspace object
  • Configure with BMIDE constant

Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge

  • All these browsers have been improved, including rendering performance and HTML/CSS/JS improvements
Active Workspace 4.0

Auto-suggestions on search box for improved user experience

  • Type-ahead search suggestions
  • Suggestion based on user’s recent searches and indexed phrases

Highlight search words in results to more easily identify search trail

  • Visually identify the search words in the results
  • Support for keyword search only

Pick chart property for visual analysis of results

  • Draw charts for search results by picking property (e.g. object type)

Support interchangeable attribute search

  • Search for objects that have an attribute value and the system automatically expands the search to include other attributes with that same value (returns e.g. objects where the length, width and height dimensions were physically oriented differently)

Copy classification

  • Classify an object by using an existing object’s classification
  • For example classify object B similar to already classified object A

"Run in Background" user check box

  • Choose whether or not to run a report live and wait for the result, or run it in background and receive a notification on completion
  • Pin the "Generate Reports" panel when you are running many reports

Report Styling

  • Updated Report stylesheets to have Active Workspace look and feel

Universal Viewer for "My Reports"

  • "My Reports" now uses the Universal Viewer to view the selected report output



The PDM software tools from BCT support working with Teamcenter Active Workspace.
More: PDM Add-Ons in Teamcenter Active Workspace

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