With Active Workspace, you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system via a new Teamcenter client. Active Workspace helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

In this article we will present the possibilities of "Teamcenter Active Collaboration" with Active Workspace.

Teamcenter Active Collaboration

Teamcenter Active Collaboration enables the creation of a social collaboration environment which allows users to interact with geographically dispersed team members that are leveraging Active Workspace.

Active Collaboration helps capture knowledge and encourages open collaboration in the context of a business object in the Active Workspace user interface. It enables experts to respond to questions and share domain knowledge efficiently throughout the organization.

This informal collaboration capability enables teams to focus on specific communication threads and fosters more informed decision-making by validating ideas with a larger community of experts with a goal to accelerate innovation and problem-solving.

Comments, questions and answers can be attached to the following business objects:

  • item
  • documents
  • change

In the description field, different objects can be used: font, bold/italic, size, color, bullets, images, smileys or links.

The "Collaboration" tab is only displayed if a comment has been created for an object.

Teamcenter Active Collaboration

The "Question" tile provides a quick access to all questions and answers.

Teamcenter Active Collaboration

In addition, objects can be rated.

Teamcenter Active Collaboration


The following installation steps are required:

  • Installation server-component via TEM
  • Installation client-component via TEM
Teamcenter Active Collaboration

Post-Installation in TC RAC:
Edit stylesheet files to display the Collaboration tab in Active Workspace.

Teamcenter Active Collaboration

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