With Active Workspace, you can provide company-wide all data from your PLM system via a new Teamcenter client. Active Workspace helps you make smarter decisions, taking into account all necessary information, faster and easier than ever before.

In our next issues of the BCT eNewsletter we will present in detail some interesting aspects about the new Teamcenter Active Workspace.

In this article we want to give you an overview about the positioning and the Scope of Active Workspace.


Positioning and market challenges

  • Application for non-traditional "PLM" users
  • Users have no detailed PLM knowledge
  • Access to authorized data is required
  • Request intuitive web-applications
  • Expect seamless access through a variety of devices

Implementation strategy with Active Workspace

  • Web-intuitive application
  • Easy and intelligible handling
  • Visual representation of relationships
  • Powerful, high-performance search
  • Tasks / workflow-focused
  • External data connectivity (ERP, DMS, etc.)
  • Industry-specific
  • No plugins or 3rd party software necessary
  • No additional Teamcenter licenses required (minimum requirement: TC Consumer)

Scope of Active Workspace

  • Intelligent, dynamic charts
  • Easy access to all relevant information
  • Filter options such when shopping online
  • Different representation types: list with overview, list & table
  • 3D-Search & Classification
  • Results ranking

  • All relevant information will be displayed "in context"
  • Visual relationship browser
  • Ease of participation in PLM - dashboards, sign offs, workflows, etc.
  • Integrated Inbox

  • Configurable UI
  • No client installation
  • All Teamcenter data can be used (articles, documents, BOM, CR / CN, etc.)
  • Finding, creating and modifying of any data in Teamcenter
  • Active Workspace integrated in other Teamcenter clients such as Office, NX, Visualization, etc.

Summary - "the Active Workspace is just a client"

  • No client installation required
  • Runs on all HTML-5-capable platforms
  • Extensible and open architecture
  • Modular
  • "Beautiful"

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