With Active Workspace, it is possible to provide your complete PLM system data via a new Teamcenter client company-wide. Active Workspace thus enables you to make established decisions faster and easier than ever before while taking into account any required information.

In the second part of our Teamcenter Active Workspace series, we give you an overview on the search options with the new Teamcenter client.

Access on any relevant Teamcenter data is possible via a web-intuitive application and thus does not require any expert knowledge. To be able to find relevant data quickly, you are enabled with an efficient, high-performance search. The results of this search can be displayed clearly as lists, tables and rankings with preview images (thumbnails).


Search options with Teamcenter Active Workspace

Via diverse tiles, it is possible to execute the desired search directly, without entering any data:

  • search / display of workflow tasks
  • search via folder navigation
  • perform saved searches (analog TC RAC)
  • direct display of problem-/change requests (PR, CR)
  • "Quick Links" for important information
  • favorites for faster access to important data (analog TC RAC)
  • search/display of your data
  • "pinned Tiles" - objects may be attached as tiles for direct access

A manual search can either be applied directly on the object type (e.g. all construction parts) or can be applied comprehensively via the selection of “any”. Moreover, the search can be limited to “own” data/objects.

It is possible to configure via the BMIDE for which attributes can be searched using the “Google”-like search field. Wildcards as well as combined search terms are supported:

  • *soft OR screw
  • weldment AND casing
  • weldment casing (the separator/the space is configurable on "AND" or "OR")

The search behavior can be managed via the TC-preferences (site-/ user-/ group-dependent):

  • default separator (AND / OR)
  • wildcards (before and/or after search terms)

The "AutoComplete" support complements the user`s input reasonably.

The search result may be limited via search filters. These filter possibilities function similar to online shopping: by using a series of filters, the search results can be limited to the extent that the desired result is being displayed clearly.

Any Teamcenter attribute can be configured as filter via the BMIDE.
Typical filter attributes are user, creation-/modification date, status, but also item type specific attributes like product group, project, etc.

In case you dispose of a „Geolus Shape“ license (e.g. BCT aClass Geolus Bundle), you can search for geometrically similar parts or duplicates using the form search. Using the 3D-search, it is possible to determine the form (identical, very similar, similar) as well as the degree of deviance in percent (greater-smaller) for the search.

Likewise, via the classification features, articles and documents can be found via the Active Workspace. The features that are available for search can be configured via the BMIDE in order to limit the displayed data.


  • item type: Standard Revision
  • filter: ISO 6431 (pneumatic cylinder)
  • classification features: length and diameter

The performance features of the TC Active Workspace search function at a glance:

  • intelligent, dynamic charts
  • easy access to all relevant information
  • filter options such when shopping online
  • different types of representation: list with overview, list & table
  • 3D-Search & Classification
  • results ranking
  • continuing to work with the rsults in author systems like TC RAC, NX, Office, etc.

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