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Lists of values administration

The management of lists of values ​​in the Business Model IDE often is criticized by customers and users. Reasons for this are:

  • Changes in lists of values in BMIDE require exclusive database access for FULL Database update. Hence the system frequently stands still.
  • Changes in lists of values in the Live Update mode always require adjustment of the BMIDE projects. This means an administrative burden.

An easier way to manage lists of values provides batch LOV!

Preparation of the BMIDE project

  • Select the option for managing the list of values entries with the tool bmide_manage_batch_lovs
  • Confirmation of warning: Here you can see, where the previous entries have been moved.
  • The value list then will be cleared.
  • In the directory specified, XML templates are created with the previous values. These will be copied and in future used for value management.
  • The modified template is installed with the Environment Manager. This removes the values from the database.

Transfer of values list entries

  • The copied template files will be written in the database using the command-line tool: bmide_manage_batch_lovs –u=infodba –p=<password> -g=dba –option=update –file=<LOV.xml>
  • Update of the client cache: generate_client_meta_cache –u=infodba –p=<password> -g=dba update lovs
  • New values can be inserted directly into the XML files and stored in the database with the commands above.

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