The new Supplier Briefcase Browser from Siemens PLM Software facilitates data exchange with suppliers. Typical use cases, e.g. modifying or adding a part to an assembly provided by a OEM, are addressed.

The Briefcase Browser is an easy to use tool for OEMs (sender) and their suppliers (receiver) for design data exchange, even if the supplier is not using Teamcenter. The Briefcase application is available for Teamcenter customers beginning with version 10.x.

The Briefcase Browser can run on a supplier's desktop and allows them to view a product's structure, items, attachments and properties; launch a CAD model to NX™ software or a CAD-neutral JT viewer; and update or create NX files that can be consumed by the OEM's Teamcenter system. Management activities such as ownership transfer, and number allocation are also supported. NX Checkmate can be used to ensure data quality.

The mere data exchange can be done via email, FTP transfer, B2B integration solutions or a corresponding Supplier Management System (see below).

Briefcase Browser with NX Button


  • OEMs can efficiently exchange design data with suppliers via a Brieface Package provided with Teamcenter
  • Fast connection of suppliers for design data exchange to minimize processing time
  • A simple installation and lean application reduce the costs for suppliers for data NX CAD data exhcange
  • Reduces administration efforts at OEMs due to automated imports and exports
  • Usage of proven tools for the Teamcenter interface (tcxml, NX Clone, Check-out/in to Site)

Supplier Management

Dispatching of data can be combined and enhanced with the Supplier Management in Teamcenter (SRM). Supplier information such as address data, contacts, purchasing specifications, performance descriptions etc can be captured and managed, so that suppliers can be found and rated assessed fast. All processes that are connected to the relationship with the supplier such as subcontractors, design changes, the complete project management can be administrated. The control of all strategic procurement initiatives is done by the SRM module.


  • Bi-directional information and data exchange
  • Central information source for procurement teams
  • Web based, no installation for supplier
  • Precise control and management of supplier outputs
  • Unification and standardization of tendering and price inquiries by building a standardized offerings plattform
Teamcenter Supplier Management - Event List
Teamcenter Supplier Relationship Management - Supplier Assessment

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