This time we want to present the improvements of the structure management in Teamcenter 10.1: The control of BOM components via business rules - "Validate Occurrences"

The rules can be based on the Item Class/Type and properties of the components in the assembly.  If the data model has additional subclasses the rules are inherited to the subclasses or can be further refined on the subclasses if necessary. 

The rules are validated when structures are created or edited.  They are also validated on-demand when properties are edited.  The rules are also applicable to substitute parts which must meet the same criteria as the primary occurrence.

When you save edits, Teamcenter validates that they do not violate the defined business rules and, if they do, displays an error message and does not save the changes.

Optionally, you can perform an on-demand validation of property updates at any time by right-clicking a top line with substructure and choosing Tools®Validate Occurrences. If no issues are found, Teamcenter displays a confirmation and saves a validation log. If issues are found, it displays a list of errors.

Use Cases

Here we have a few examples of structure rules for our mechanical and electrical part scenario.

Note that the syntax of the logical statements is illustrative and not the form that these rules would follow in BMIDE.  So lets look at these scenarios. 

First, an electrical part cannot be an assembly including mechanical parts. 

Next, a mechanical assembly must be grounded if it includes electrical parts. 

Finally, while mechanical part assemblies may include electrical parts those assemblies must be hydro-certified if the assembly is moisture sensitive.

User Interface

The modules are constantly validated and when a rule violation has been committed, the validation rules which they have violated are displayed to the users.


The configuration is performed in BMIDE without code-based customization. Your administrator can configure Teamcenter to enforce any rules imposed by the organization on what types of content are allowed in the structure. You cannot add content or make other structure edits that would violate the defined business rules.

Menu Bar: BMIDE->Editors->Verification Rules Editor

tc_structure_manager_03.png tc_structure_manager_05.png


  • Any generation of rules for the validation of BOM components
  • Ensure and improve the quality of the product structures/BOMs
  • Validation at any BOM changes
    • structure
    • attributes
  • Configuration of the rules via BMIDE
  • Inheritance of rules to subclasses



Do you want to validate more Teamcenter objects like

  • Item, revision, dataset and BOM attributes
  • Consistency and format checks of attributes, units and value lists
  • Mandatory attributes and dependencies
  • CheckIn/CheckOut status for items and BOM components
  • Check if components have a status or are in a process
  • etc.

Learn more about the possibilities of BCT CheckIt.

Teamcenter 10.1 Structure Manager

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