Processes can be standardized, automated and visualized using workflows in Teamcenter. For this, there are many options available to map the processes accordingly. Below some interesting applications are demonstrated.

Feedback Loops

"Non-linear" workflows – Feedback Loops

  • for tasks with two defined paths, user will be presented with two signoff options: complete and unable to complete
  • for tasks with only a single exit path defined, complete will be the only signoff option
Teamcenter Workflows

Validate Tasks

"Non-linear" workflows - Non-binary task outcomes

  • Workflow designer can add custom signoff values (not limited to two values)
  • System regcognizes when multiple / custom values are possible
  • User selects from allowed outcomes
Teamcenter Workflows

Conditional Tasks

"Non-linear" workflows - Automatic and manual condition tasks allow non-binary and custom outcomes

  • The example flow shows 3 custom outcomes for a manual condition task
  • Upon selection of "Production" as the intended use of the object being evaluated, it's sent down the appropriate way

Teamcenter Workflows

Visualization of Parent/Sub-Workflows

Subprocesses are workflow processes associated with a parent workflow process. This information will be pictured in the workflow viewer/designer.

Info: If there is an association between the parent process and subprocess, but not a dependency, the parent process may complete before the subprocess completes. If the parent process is dependent on the subprocess, the parent process cannot complete until the subprocess completes.

Teamcenter Workflows

Asynchronous Workflow Processing

Historically workflow actions are processed synchronously in the user’s session. In some cases there may be time consuming handler processing that takes several minutes to complete, meanwhile the users client will be blocked until its finished.

  • Allows workflow actions to be processes in background which frees the client to work on something else - Client not waiting
  • Ensures that any errors will continue to be communicated back to the user - asynchronous error handling
  • The asynchronous processing of workflow operations is configurable with the preference "EPM_task_execution_mode"

Teamcenter Workflows

  • Notifications - User will also see a trailing "background processing" icon next to the task in their worklist

Process History View

In Teamcenter RichClient and Active Workspace it is possible to display the detailed history.

Teamcenter Workflows

To ensure that processes in Teamcenter run properly, a sufficient data quality is required.
Read our article about the solution BCT CheckIt: Ensuring error-free workflow runs in Teamcenter.

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