BCT aClass provides several possibilities to find components quick and easy: the graphical navigation through the classification hierarchy, the highlighting of the usability status or important criterias and many more.


Preview images for classes

  • Small thumbnails for each class allow a quick and graphical navigation through the class tree.

Use status for the standardization of components

  • With BCT aClass classified components can be marked with a status of use.
  • This use of status can be visually highlighted.
  • Thus, the user can immediately see which components should preferably be used, or which are marked as locked.
  • Formatting options are: background color of the line; Text formatting: bold, italic, strikethrough, normal.
  • Alternatively, the usage status can be displayed in the form of icons in a particular column.

View search results as a chart

  • The results of a search can be visualized in a diagram.
  • You can group by the class attributes or other properties.

Color highlighting of class attribute columns

  • The background of columns with the main class attributes can be highlighted.
  • Thus, the most important criteria are easy to identify.

Color highlighting of item attribute columns

  • Similarly, the illustrated item attributes can be highlighted.
  • Thus, for example the item number can be displayed in a particular color.

Color highlighting due to attribute values

  • The color highlighting of the classified components can be defined to individual attribute values.
  • Thus, components whose characteristics includes certain texts, such as " DIN " or "ISO“, can be highlighted.

More Information

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